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Drive-in Racking

Drive-in racking or Drive-through pallet racking is a very economical solution if you are looking for a bulk storage system.

Drive-in racking gives you first in, last out, (FILO), where drive-through racking gives you first in, first out, (FIFO).

By using Drive-in racking instead of block stacking, it is possible to still achieve high density storage but reduce the risk of damaging your pallets/stock.

Other benefits to using drive-in pallet racking are that you can use conventional forklift trucks, so reducing costs.

This type of racking is ideal for large numbers of similar stock items that can be placed on pallets, stacked closely together or on top of each other. Due to the way in which the pallets are stacked, they can be accessed by removing the pallets closer to the front of the rack/ access point.  This is different to systems where each pallet can be individually accessed.

Aisles are not required with this system which allows more space for storage.

Drive in Racking Applications:

  • Cold storage
  • Seasonal items that are dispatched quickly / have a quick turnaround
  • Retailers with small amount of product lines
  • Items with long shelf lives

Drive in Racking Benefits:

  • High storage density
  • Cost effective
  • Safe and stable
  • Suits all pallet sizes

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