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Long Span Shelving Solutions


Where the client is looking to store larger or heavier products, but still wishes to load by hand, long span shelving can provide the solution. Like short span shelving, it is still fully adjustable and flexible. Due to the design being made up of vertical frames and horizontal beams, very much like pallet racking, it is possible even in a tall building to design a picking system that fully maximizes the height of your unit.

Long Span Shelving Benefits:

  • Can accommodate heavy/large items
  • Modular system - can include different sized bays in same shelving structure
  • Durable/heavy duty
  • High capacity
  • Bolt free
  • Fast installation
Durable Solution

The shelving in long span shelving is fully adjustable and stable, making even the tallest of shelving units durable for long term storage

High Capacity Storage

At Storage Solutions UK we have a large enough area for you to be able to securely store all of your possessions

Heavy and Large Items Welcome

Long span shelving at Storage Ideas UK can provide a solution for storing your large and heavy items in our adjustable and flexible shelving

Long Span Shelving Rotherham

Long Span Shelving Applications:

  • Warehousing
  • Archiving
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Garage

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