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Pallet Live Racking


Pallet Live racking is another highly effective form of dynamic storage.

Pallet Live Racking Benefits:

  • Automatic stock rotation
  • Quick and effective access
  • Less forklift truck use needed
First in-First out

Pallet live racking operates a FIFO, first in-first out solution.

Fast Moving Stock

Pallet live is particularly useful where a marshalling area is required for fast moving stock but space is at a premium.

High Density Stock Level Solution

Pallet live racking offers a solution for those with high density stock levels. The pallet handling process involved with this type of racking saves both time and space.

Pallet Live Racking Rotherham

Pallet Live Racking Applications:

This is where pallets are loaded, usually by a conventional forklift truck at the ‘on’ end and by the use of braked gravity rollers, slowly descending to the picking face.

  • Fast moving stock
  • Perishable items
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics

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