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Racking Mesh

Racking mesh

Anti-collapse mesh is typically installed to the rear of exposed runs of pallet racking where there is a potential of dislodged products falling on passing or working people. The mesh is of a steel wire manufacture and can be designed to several solutions from 25mm/25mm up to 50mm/100mm depending on the products stored. We can provide and install your racking mesh, and allow you to operate a much safer warehouse, with less risk of any accidents happening from falling items. Pallet racking is essential to the running of many businesses, so when it gets damaged the effects can be detrimental. Let us help you secure your racking as soon as possible,

Racking Mesh Benefits:

  • Prevents goods from falling
  • Limits potential stock damage
  • Allows sprinkler system to work effectively in event of fire
Safety Solution

Having racking mesh around racking provides a safe way to store your products and belongings.

Limits Damage

With a low risk of items falling, this also provides a great protection around your storage that prevents damage to your items.

Racking mesh

Mesh Uses:

  • Securing pallet racking
  • Additional safety for mezzanine floors
  • Area segregation

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